Manage Api Access In Gst Here’s Mommy – 5 Simple Ways To Be There For Your Kids

A couple of weeks ago, cross-country running season started at my daughter’s school. I love going to the races to cheer on her on. The team too, of course. It was the first race of the season so it was really important to her that I be on time.The races begin at 5 pm every week at various locations. Not the best time of day because of rush hour traffic.But despite anxiously sitting in my car during stop and go traffic we have to show up for our kids, right? Even at the risk of getting there too late and missing the race.Luckily, there was only a little traffic that day and no car accidents so I was there in plenty of time to wish her a good race and cheer her on. Most importantly, though, is that I was there for her.There are many ways we can show up for our kids. But the absolute best way to be there for our children is to take care of ourselves first. Not only do we demonstrate the importance of living a healthy style, but we’ll live longer and healthier lives.

This can often be hard to do. We live in a world filled with work deadlines, car pooling and rushing around to sporting events, dance classes, music lessons and other extra curricular activities.So you can be there for your kids too, here are 5 simple, no brainer, things you can do to live a longer and healthier life:1. Eat a healthy and well balanced diet. A healthy diet consists of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and protein. It’s okay to indulge in a treat now and then. Depriving yourself can lead to binge eating so just think in terms of moderation. Most importantly, try to stay away from processed foods such as fast food and prepared frozen meals that are high in saturated fat and sodium.
2. Get enough sleep. I read an article recently that sleep deprivation will shorten your life. Getting a good night’s sleep helps keep you focused. You can think more clearly and accomplish more in less time. It also prevents you from overeating. Sleep fuels your body in similar ways as food. If you’re tired you’ll need to eat more to keep up your energy.
3. Exercise. Regular exercise can help protect you from heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure, noninsulin-dependent diabetes, obesity, back pain, osteoporosis, and can improve your mood and help you to better manage stress. It will also help you sleep.

4. Reward Yourself. Reward yourself for your accomplishments. Whether it’s a decadent treat or picking up a new page turner to lose yourself in. Rewarding yourself will help you feel good about yourself and inspire you to conquer new goals.
5. Spend quality time with those you love. It’s easy to get wrapped up in everyday life. Things are very different from when I was a kid. Going for a bike ride and hanging around the schoolyard seem to be a thing of the past. Our days are now filled with car pools and activities. Plan an evening at home with just the family. No sleepovers or friends. Dust off an old board game and make some popcorn. Or plan a family movie night. It’s a perfect time of year to turn on the fireplace and cozy up on the couch in your favorite fleece blanket.

A Latin Impact on the Finance Industry

Financial Institutions are a fantastic business model to learn from when considering ever changing market conditions. Their traditional target markets are stable, but, the needs of an emerging market, the Latino market is extremely underserved. It is certainly not for lack of money. Many Latinos have zero debt and healthy saving habits. The question arises, are financial institutions doing enough to serve this population? Are they adapting to the Latino needs? The answer is complicated.

There are two types of Latinos in the USA. One is the immigrant seeking a better life and wanting the American dream, whether they came through the proper channels or not it is irrelevant. The second, are the Latinos that are born here. These are two very different groups of people with different needs and goals. Most immigrants bring their culture, traditions, and customs with them to the US. Those born here develop a blended culture that is both Latino and American.

Financial Institutions are taking notice and making strides to accommodate this very economically influential population. The main reason is that there is a lot of investment in education and developing trust. An untold detail is that in Latino countries, people do not trust banks and financial institution because of corruption. Everything is paid in cash and there are no debt or traditional credit scores. This means that the Latino community have cash, probably stored under their mattress or in a shoe box. This is very dangerous considering that a house fire could burn an entire life savings. Another scenario is they could become a target for robbery. This is a foreign concept for Americans. What is happening is a huge learning curve, educating them on the process of building credit, saving their money in a financial institution, getting loans (mortgage, car, etc.), and most important having trust in the financial institutions.

The younger generations that are born here learn from their parents and surroundings. There is still a disconnect from the importance of financial products, building credit, and how that process works. Many of these young people are just translating for their parents, explaining financial products, and become an intermediary for conducting business. You will notice an increase in bilingual support at many financial institutions for this reason. There is still a lot of work to do in this regard, and this process will take time.

However, more and more financial institutions are offering products specific to Latinos. Information is becoming available in Spanish and more financial institutions are hiring bilingual and multi-lingual speakers. It will be interesting to see how we as a country adapt to this important demographic. It is truly an untapped market that has an important function in our economy for growth and stability.